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2017  season schedule    spots thru 11/22/17
Friday, Dec. 1   Coed championship   one spot open
Saturday, Dec. 2    Adult one night championship   Sold out
Friday, Dec. 8     Adult one night championship       Sold out
Saturday, Dec. 9    Coed championship    sold out
Friday, Dec. 15    Coed championship      Sold out
Saturday, Dec. 16    Adult one night championship    one spot open

Coed tournaments and adult one nights are $225.

2018 season schedule
Friday, January 12, 2018     Adult monthly tournament qualifier #1
Saturday, January 13, 2018    Adult monthly tournament qualifier #2 
Friday, January 19, 2018         Adult monthly tournament qualifier #3
Saturday, January 20, 2018     Adult monthly tournament qualifier #4
Saturday, January 27, 2018     Adult monthly final

Cost for qualifier is $325.   Teams that win that night come back for finals at no charge.

Friday, January 26, 2018         Coed championship ; sold out

The rest of the schedule to follow for February and March.

Email me if interested in playing or call to register 412 397-4480   $50 deposit required.

See details on bottom of this page.

Last years results:

2016-17 season
 November 12, 2016 coed tournament  Winner was Valley Spiderz, second place was Michaels.
 November 19, coed Winner was Hooligans, second place was Mob
 Nov. 26 coed Winner was Michaels, second place was Washington.   

Monthly adult tournament in December:  Qualifying dates are: Dec.  2  (All Day), 3 (Wheeling Militia), 9 (Pickups), 10 (Raise the Jolly Roger) with the finals for the winners on Dec. 17 (Winner was Pickups, All Day second place)

December coed   December 16   Winner was Michaels, second place was Beacon Hotel.
Dec. 23 coed   Winner was Hooligans, second place was Beacon Hotel. 

January, 2017 adult tournament:  Qualifiers are  Jan. 13, Hitmen,    Jan. 14, JBL   Jan. 20, Wheeling Militia     Jan. 21  BBS/Numa
Finals for these qualifiers is Saturday, January 28, 2017 starting at 10 pm.  Winner was JBL, BBS Numa was second

Coed tournaments cost $225  Jan 27 (Beacon Hotel), Feb. 10 (Hooligans), Feb. 18 (Michaels), Feb. 24 (Young Guns), March 10 (one spot )  March 18 (sold out), March 24 (one spot available), March 31 (sold out),  April 8 (sold out)

Adult tournaments  Cost $325
February adult tournament  Qualifiers on Feb. 3, 4, 11, 17, with the finals on Sat. Feb. 25   Teams are 

Open adult tournaments on March 3, 4, 11, 17, 25... cost is $225 per night.
$50 deposit or full payment needed at time of registration.

RMUISC all night softball...(November 2015- April 2016 results)
Fall 2015 schedule
November Coed tournaments....Friday, November 6 (Winner...Powerhaus, second place Bombers).....Sat. Nov 21(Winner was Hooligans, second place Powerhaus), Saturday, November 28 (Winner....Hooligans, second place Dre Williams)
November Adult one time tournaments ....Sat. November 7 (Winner..All Sports, second place was Amplify)                        ....Fri Nov. 20  (Winner Ruckus, second place Hooligans)

December adult monthly tournament ....Qualifying dates were Dec 4 (Raise the Jolly Roger), 5 (Valley Spiderz), 11 (No Doughboys), 12 (Mike and Tony's)
The Winner of the December Adult monthly tournament was Valley Spiderz ($325 credit), second place was Not Doughboys ($150 credit), third and fourth place was Raise the Jolly Roger and Mike and Tony's ($50 credit each)

Coed tournament in December   Friday, December 18  Winner was Valley Spiderz, second place  MOB

2016 schedule 
January adult monthly tournament...Qualifying dates...January 8 (Qualifier #1 Powerhouse), 9(Qualifier #2 Team OV), 15 (Qualifier #3 JBL)  Finals for qualifiers was January 30, 2016   Winner was JBL, second place was Powerhouse, also playing was Ruckus and Team OV.
January coed tournaments...January 16 (Winner was Hooligans), 22 (canceled), 29 (Winner, Valley Spiderz)

February adult monthly tournament...Qualifying dates..February 5 (Valley Spiderz), 6 (Recon), 19 (JBL), 20 (Laser Show), 2016  Finals for qualifiers is February 27, 2016    Winner was Laser Show.
February coed tournaments....February 12 (Valley Spiderz), 26 (Hooligans), 2016

March adult monthly tournament....March 4, (Valley Spiderz) ), 11 (Young Guns)
March coed tournaments...March 12 (Hooligans), March 18 (Michaels)

April Coed tournaments.... April 2 (Beacon Hotel), 8 (Mob), 9 (Hooligans), 15 (Michaels), 2016

Cost is $225 for a one night tournament (adult and coed)
Cost is $325 for the monthly qualifiers, teams that win each night come back for finals at end of month

Call 412 397-4480 to register with a $50 deposit or full payment. Email Jim Cichra at for more info.

Tournaments are 1 pitch, 5 inning round robin format with 7 innings for the final game of the night. Guaranteed at least three games per night. Most tourneys start between 9 - 11 pm.

The cost of the tournaments night adult and one night Co-ed is $225 Monthly adult tournament qualifiers to make Final : $325, Winners of monthly qualifier play finals night for free.

Winners get a credit for a future date. 1-time and Co-ed winners get a $100 credit and second place $50 credit. Monthly tournament winners get $325 credit, second place gets $150, third and fourth place receive a $50 credit.

To register or any questions, call the RMU Island Sports Dome at 412-397-4480 or Jim Cichra (