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The Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam and 16 & U levels use the parity system which ensures equal ice time and the players are on the ice with other youngsters of similar ability. Thus they have a chance to succeed and gain confidence in themselves.

Once any of these levels start changing on the fly, the ice time policy is: The coaches shall run the lines 1-2-3. No power play units or penalty killing units are allowed. The coach is NOT allowed to "shorten his bench" at the end of the game and play only the top players.

However, players have a responsibility to their teammates to give 100% effort. Therefore, players may lose ice time because of behavior issues or because they are missing a high amount of practices.

The Mites simply run lines all game long and again the coach is not allowed to "shorten his bench".

Mite Limited Travel Game and Practice Policy

Hockey is not Life!

One life lesson we learn through sports is responsibility to our teammates.

Players have a responsibility to their teammates to be there for practices and games and give 100% effort during both practices and games.

We understand that you will miss games and practices due to conflicts with school, church, family and other reasons. We only ask that you let the coach know when you will be missing and why.

However, if you are playing on another hockey team, you agree that our RMU team takes priority over the other hockey team if you are going to participate in our Mite Limited Travel program.

Specific Rules:

1)      When both teams have a game, you come to our game.

2)      If the other team has a game and we have a practice, you chose which event you will attend.

3)      When both teams have a practice, you come to our practice.

The first time you break one of these three rules, you will receive a one game suspension.

The second time you break one of these rules, you will receive a three game suspension.

The third time you break one of these rules you will be removed from the program and no refunds given.

We welcome children to play in the Mite Limited Travel program. However it is not fair to their teammates if they miss a lot of practices and games. Therefore, if you are going to miss a lot of practices and games we ask you not to try out for the Mite Limited Travel as you will be taking the spot of a child who wants to play and attend most practices and games.