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The goalie needs to be one of the most agile skaters on the team. Therefore in line with the USA Hockey Long Term Development Model we do not allow full time goalies until the Bantam/16 & U Level as playing only goalie does not help the child develop the necessary Agility, Balance, and Coordination skills which are necessary for a strong skating foundation.

We supply goalie equipment for all levels except 16 & U.

Mite Tier 6 goalies do NOT wear full pads. We change goalies every period and players only use a goalie stick. Mite 5 will start without pads and then start using pads after Thanksgiving.

Mite Tier 1, 2, 3 & 4 goalies wear full pads. We encourage all players to try goal. Once all the players have tried the position, the coaches select two or three players who rotate in goal and skate out when they are not playing goalie.

Mite Tier 1 (Limited Travel) we have two players who alternate between goalie and skating out.

At the Squirt and Pee Wee levels each team has a couple of players who take turns playing goalie and when not in goal, skate out.

At the Bantam and 16 & U levels we allow full time goalies. However, if we have too many goaies for number of teams the goalies either take turns playing net or skating out, or both play full time goalie at a reduced price of 60% of the fee.