Ages 4-16 • September 30, 2017 - March 25, 2018
    2017-2018 Island Colonials In-House League

    Including Bantam/16 & U (13-16) NO-CHECK division   

    The Island Colonials House League is designed to teach the fundamental skills of ice hockey and basic concepts of team play. It serves as an alternative or developmental stepping stone to the higher-level Arctic Foxes. Programs are offered at the Mite (8 & under), Squirt (9-10) and Pee Wee (11-12) Bantam/16 & U (13 - 16) levels. Full ice hockey equipment is required. 
    Players must have skated in the RMU Learn to Play Hockey program and passed Hockey II or the equivalent at another rink, or participated in a recreational or competitive house league program. All players must be registered with USA Hockey. All players from outside the RMU programs must be tested to be able to skate in the house league. Please contact Bob Arturo at 412-397-4456, Joe Cummings at 412-397-4475 or Blaine Buterbaugh at 412-397-4475 to make arrangements for the test.
    Like last year, we expect the House League will be full prior to our first week on the ice. Therefore, we offer the following groups of players Priority 1 registration which guarantees them a spot in the house league as long as they register by Monday, July 31, 2017. Registration begins Saturday, July 8 at 6:00 am.  
    You will need your 17-18 USA Hockey Membership number to enroll.
    The 4th number will be "8"

    Priority 1
    Players who participated in the 2016-17 Fall Island Colonials, players who participated in our Learn to Play Hockey program or Lil Pen's program here at RMU between Sept. 2016 and July 2017, and players who played on the 2016-17 Arctic Foxes.

    Priority 2
    Starting Wednesday, August 2 at 6:00 am, based on available spots, siblings of players in Priority 1 and people who have moved in from outside the Tri State area within the past six months, may register. To qualify as a person who has moved in from out of town you MUST first contact Bob Arturo and receive an e-mail which says you are allowed to register under this situation for Priority 2.

    Priority 3
    Open registration begins Saturday, August 5  at 6:00 am, based on spots available.
    You may register OnLine, in person or via the phone by calling 412-397-4454

    Number of Teams
    We are projecting four teams of 11 (44) for Mite Limited Travel, 20 teams of 11 (220) for Mite House League, eight teams of 15 (120) for the Squirts, four teams of 15 (60) for the Pee Wees, and four teams of 15 (60) at the Bantam/16 & U levels. However, if at the end of Priority 1 registration we have more teams then projected, the amount of ice slots participants receive will be reduced along with a reduction in the league fee.

    USA Hockey - American Development Program (ADM)
    We will be following the ADM program in the house league. There will not be many changes, as we have already been running our program in a similar fashion for the past 18 years.
    Increased training for on ice officials
    Part of our mission as a house league program is to train hockey players, coaches and officials. The present officials training program is very limited. They attend a training seminar, take the rules book test and have one or two games where they shadow another official. After that all their feedback comes from players, coaches and fans.

    We here at RMU are taking the lead in running an officials mentoring program and are continuing our officials montoriing program. One a weekend three of our Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam or 16 & U games will have three officials. Two less experienced officials will have an on ice experienced official to help them with improving their skills as an official. These mentors are being paid and are part of your player’s fee.

    Mite Limited Travel

    Players will be selected via tryouts in September. Four teams of 11 players are formed.

    Teams have three slots per week; One ADM practice on Wednesday evenings from 6:10-7:15 pm, Power Skating with Marianne Watkins on Friday from 6:00-6:50 pm and a weekend game slot, either home or away. A majority of the ADM practices are directed by Hockey Directors Blaine Buterbaugh, Joe Cummings and Bob Arturo, with assistance from the team coaching staffs.

    Two top teams, (Red)  play 4 ON 4 Half ice all season long. The next two teams, (White) play cross ice, 3 on 3 thru Thanksgiving and then switch to 4 on 4 half ice thru the rest of the season. We project each team having 8-10 away games, all on the weekend throughout the greater Pittsburgh area, estimated within an hour drive from RMU.

    Each player receives 47 slots for games and practices, 17 Power Skating Sessions with Marianne Watkins, 1 Parent-Kid game, 1- Christmas Party, and 1 End of Year Party, for a total of 67 slots.

    The 44 players will be selected at the tryouts in September. We then spend two more weeks evaluating the players to break them into four teams of 11. The top 22 skate on two equal teams, the next 22 on two equal teams. The last two weeks of the season the players practice and then play full ice game to expose them to full ice hockey prior to Squirt travel team tryouts.


    Mite Limited Travel Tryout Out Dates

    Day     Date                Time and Who

    Sun.      Sept 10            12:45-1:50 pm (half of players)

    Sun.      Sept. 10           2:00-3:05 pm (2nd half of players)

    Sun.     Sept. 17           4:15-5:20 pm   (All players)

    Sat.     Sept. 23           11:00 am-12:05 pm (Some players will be selected after the Sept. 17 tryout and will not come to this tryout)

    There is a $40 tryout fee for Mite Limited Travel.

    Players who do not make a Mite Limited Travel team will automatically be placed in the house league and will need to come to rating sessions the September 30-October 1 and October 6-8 weekends.

    Goalies for Mite Limited Travel, 2 per team.
    Each team has 9 full time skaters and two players who take turns skating out and playing goalie.

    Goalies will need to come to both slots on Sept. 10th, once as skater and once as a goalie.

    Mite Limited Travel Game and Practice Policyy

    Mite Limited Travel Game and Practice Policy

    Hockey is not Life!

    One life lesson we learn through sports is responsibility to our teammates.

    Players have a responsibility to their teammates to be there for practices and games and give 100% effort during both practices and games.

    We understand that you will miss games and practices due to conflicts with school, church, family and other reasons. We only ask that you let the coach know when you will be missing and why.

    However, if you are playing on another hockey team, you agree that our RMU team takes priority over the other hockey team if you are going to participate in our Mite Limited Travel program.

    Specific Rules:

    1)      When both teams have a game, you come to our game.

    2)      If the other team has a game and we have a practice, you chose which event you will attend.

    3)      When both teams have a practice, you come to our practice.

    The first time you break one of these three rules, you will receive a one game suspension.

    The second time you break one of these rules, you will receive a three game suspension.

    The third time you break one of these rules you will be removed from the program and no refunds given.

    We welcome children to play in the Mite Limited Travel program. However it is not fair to their teammates if they miss a lot of practices and games. Therefore, if you are going to miss a lot of practices and games we ask you not to try out for the Mite Limited Travel as you will be taking the spot of a child who wants to play and attend most practices and games.

    In House Mite League

    We continue to offer our traditional In House Program. All players are rated over a two weekend period, Sept. 30-Oct. 1 and Oct. 6-8. The 220 skaters are then divided into five tiers based on age and ability. Each tier has four teams of 11 players with the top 44 in the first tier, the next in the second tier and so on.

    Teams have one practice and one game per week. Practices feature four teams on the ice in an ADM style practice directed by Hockey Directors Blaine Buterbaugh, Joe Cummings and Bob Arturo, with assistance from the team coaching staffs. Games are played 3 vs 3 Cross Ice where players scrimmage for a minute, participate in a skill for one minute, and rest for the third minute before returning to the scrimmage.

    The cross ice games raise the level of creativity among players, increase player participation, and dramatically increase puck touches, passes, small one on one moves and shots on goal per game.

    Each player receives 36 slots for games and practices, 1 skills session, 2 rating sessions, 1 Parent-Kid game, 1- Christmas Party, and 1 End of Year Party, for a total of 42 slots.


    Squirt Program – Two Tiers

    The Squirt program is for youngsters (9-10) born 2007 & 2008. Eight teams are formed into two tiers based on age and ability.

    Tier 1 uses the parity system up thru Thanksgiving and then changes on the fly starting in December.

    Tier 2 uses the parity system the entire season. They play ½ ice games up thru December and switch to full ice games in January.


    Pee Wee and Bantam/16 & U Programs

    Pee Wee (11-12) born 2005 & 2006 and Bantam/16 & U (13-16) born 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004. Four Pee Wee, and four Bantam/16 & U teams of 15 players are formed.

    All levels are NO CHECKING. All levels use the 1 minute adjusted parity system. However, we monitor the levels and consider having teams changing on the fly starting in January.

    Squirt – Pee Wee – Bantam/ 16 & U Additional Details

    Each player receives 36 slots for games and practices, 1 skills session, 2 rating sessions, 1 Parent-Kid game, 1- Christmas Party, and 1 End of Year Party, for a total of 42 slots. 


    Friendship Series Games

    The Mite House League, Squirts, Pee Wee, and Bantams, all games and practices are held at RMU, except each team may play two away games in a friendship series at the Baierl Ice Arena in Wexford. 


    No Checking

    All programs at all levels are NO CHECKING.


    Skating Up

    All players must register for their appropriate age; however players at Squirt level and above may be invited to skate up a level, based on space and ability.


    House Select Teams; Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam Levels

    Two Squirt, one Pee Wee and one Bantam House Select teams are formed. Tryouts are in September. House Select players still play on their house league team while on the Select team.

    Each player receives 2 practices, 4 home games (which are used to gain 4 away games), and their fees are paid for two tournaments; Nutcracker and one other to be determined by the team. Players also get one of the house league type jerseys with matching socks.

    The Bantams will only play teams that play no-check.


    Select Tryout Schedule

    All players come to all dates for their age level


    Level       Day        Date          Time

    Squirt       Sun.         Sept. 10     5:20-6:35 pm

    Squirt       Sun.        Sept. 17     5:30-6:35 pm

    Squirt       Sat         Sept. 23     12:15-1:20 pm


    PW           Mon         Sept. 11     5:45-6:50 pm

    PW           Mon.        Sept. 18     5:45-6:50 pm


    Ban          Mon         Sept. 11     7:00-8:05 pm

    Ban          Mon         Sept. 18     7:00-8:05 pm


    Tryout Fee:       Squirts $59, Pee Wees and Bantams $49

    General Schedule Notes
    The season begins the Sept. 30-Oct. 1 weekend and runs through March 24-25. There are not games or practices Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King day Weekends, Christmas and New Years weekends
    Mite House and Squirts have a practice Friday at 6:00 pm 3-4 times throughout the year.  All other practices and games are Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Teams may also have one Thursday practice at 6:00 pm.
    Pee Wee and Bantam/16 & U have a practice on Monday at 6:30 pm, or Wednesday at 7:25 pm 5-6 times throughout the year. All other practices and slots are on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
    Friday ice slots are 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Saturday starts at 12:00 pm and runs thru 7:30 pm. Sunday starts at 7:15 am and runs through 7:45 pm.

    First Two Weekends on the Ice
    All players, except those trying out for Mite Limited Travel, will receive an e-mail by august 28 as to their first two weeks schedule for rating sessions. .

    Power Skating with Marianne Watkins
    Registration for Steel Power with Marianne begins in Mid August.