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    Registration begins Monday, January 9th, 2017

    May 8th - July 30th, 2017

    This league has brought the fun back to summer hockey! Always exciting and explosive, the 3-on-3 League has for years helped kids to practice the fundamentals of hockey while experimenting with an innovative, pace-motivated play style that leads to more action per shift than any other form of hockey in Pittsburgh! All games are no check, which fosters the development of skating, passing, stick-handling, and shooting.

    AS of March 10 we have spots available.

    Mite Cross Ice Teams

    We have a limit of 24 Mite Cross Ice Teams who enter as a team and 4 from individual entry.

    Squirt thru 18 & U Teams

    We have a limit of 70 teams combined from the Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, 16 & U, and 18 & U divisons.

    Squirt thru 18 & U Teams

    We have a limit of 8 teams in the Colllege/Junior divison.

    Junior/College Division

    You must be of ability to have played college or Junior Hockey, or are presently playing such hockey, or will be doing so this upcoming fall. Please note the College/Junior Division is NOT registered with USA Hockey.

    Cross Ice Divisions

    Two divisions are formed, 10 & U, & 8 & U. You may register as an individual or with a team. All games are played cross ice, 3 ON 3 plus goalie. The divisions will be divieded into tiers. Goalies wear full equipment in the more experienced tiers and in the less experienced tiers children take turn using a goalie stick with their regular equipment. Smaller nets, 4.5' wide and 3' tall are used at the 6 & U and 8 & U levels.

    Mite 3 ON 3 Hockey

    All mite division will be played Cross Ice. Mites born 2009 and later must play Mite Cross Ice Hockey and are not permitted to skate up to Squirts. Mites play eight or nine games on Sunday between 8 am and 3 pm and one or two games on Saturday.

    Number of Games

    11 games guaranteed - 10 regular season games plus all teams make the playoffs. Games are played on weeknights and weekends. Game slots for each division will be decided at the league meeting.


    Two 15 minute and one 12 minute running time periods. Play does not stop the entire period, so you must be in top condition to play 3 ON 3!


    Individual T-shirts are awarded to playoff champions and runner-ups.

    Registration and # Teams

    You may register as an individual or a team. The league has grown from 24 to 118 teams over a 17 year period. A maximum of 94 full ice teams and 24 Cross Ice Teams will be accepted for this season.

    League Meeting

    A league meeting is held Monday, April 10th from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the RMU Island Sports Center Hat Trick Club. All teams must send a representative to this meeting who has knowledge of their roster.

    USA Hockey Membership

    All players (except for those in College/Junior Division) must be registered with USA Hockey for the 2016-2017 or 2017-2108 season.


    At the league meeting, teams in each age group will be divided into two, three, four or even five Tiers based on the strength of their teams.

    Age Levels

    Players skate at the appropriate level for the upcoming 2017-18 season based on USA Hockey birthday requirements. The ages are:

    Mite, Born 2009 and later
    Squirt, Born 2007 and 2008
    Pee Wee, Born 2005 and later
    Bantam, Born 2003 and later
    Midget 16&U, Born 2001 and later
    Midget 18&U, Born 1999 and later
    College-Junior, Players must be of ability to have played college or Junior Hockey, are preseently playing such hockey or will be so this upcoming fall.

    Roster Rules

    There is a maximum of 30 players per team roster. A minimum of 12 skaters and two goaltenders is recommended. You'll need nine skaters to have enough "wind" to play this game! Players may only be rostered on one team per tier, but may be rostered on teams in different tiers. For example, a player may skate on one team in Bantam Tier 1 and one team in Bantam Tier 2, but may not play on two teams in Bantam Tier 2.

    Players are not allowed to skate down an age group. However, in RARE situations exceptions will be granted. They must be approved by Bob Arturo and then approved at the league meeting by the teams in the affected division.
    Players may "play up" to an older division, (i.e. a child born in 2007 may play in the Pee Wee division.)

    Players born 2009 and later may NOT skate up to Squirts.

    An all girls only team may play down one level.

    Registration Fees:

    $1,745 for all full ice divisions.
    $995 for Cross Ice divisions.

    Individual Fees:

    $150 for all full ice divisions and $99 for Cross Ice Divisions. Individually registered players will receive a jersey and one or two practices. Full time goalies who register as an individual only pay $70.

    Registration is a first come, first served policy and once the league is full, no more registrations will be accepted. It fills up fast, so register as soon as possible!