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2017-2018 Ice Adult League

Please see links to the left for specific season dates and fees.

Priority Registration System -

Priority 1 - Teams that've played the previous 3 seasons (1 calendar year)
Priority 2 - Teams that have played in a previous ISC Ice Hockey Team Entry league in the 2015-16 or 2016-17 season.
Priority 3 - All new teams

Registration Dates

  Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
Fall Aug 1-20, 2017 Aug. 22-24, 2017 Aug. 26-31, 2017
Winter Nov 17-Dec. 8, 2017 Dec. 10-12, 2017 Dec 14-24 2017
Summer March 16-31, 2018 Apr 2-4, 2018 Apr 6-12, 2018


Olympic, 84 Lumber, & Stadium Rinks.

# of Games

11 games are guaranteed and 17 are possible. Regular season is 10 games and all teams make the playoffs.


Finals-Best of 3; Semi Finals-Best of 3; Quarterfinals-Single Elimination


Regular season games which end in a tie feature a five minute sudden death overtime. Just like the NHL teams which lose in overtime still earn one point, while the winners earn two.


B,C, D North, & D South

# of Teams

Maximum 18 Teams


Three (3) 20 minute running time periods with stop clock during the last two minutes of the third period when game is within 2 goals.


Referee fees are included in league fees.

Matching Jersey Required

All players are required to have matching colored jerseys with permanent numbers.

Ice Slots

Ice slots are scheduled in the evenings Sunday through Friday (and possibly Saturday) on the 84 Lumber, Olympic and Stadium ice surfaces. Games can begin as early as 9:00 PM and as late as 11:20 PM

Team Awards

The winning team from each division receives the Island Sports Center "Championship Cup", perfect for celebrations. The "Cup" is yours to keep. It's a trophy your team sponsor will be proud to display!!!


Rosters are limited to 25 players. Players must play in 3 games to play in the playoffs. Rosters are frozen after the 3rd game.

Special Playing Rules
  • All rules are in addition to USA Hockey rules.
  • All games are "NO CHECK".
  • The USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy is in effect for players, coaches, fans and officials in all Island Sports Center Leagues.
  • Physical abuse of the officials will result in permanent expulsion from league play at Island Sports Center.
  • Fighting results in an automatic 3- game suspension. A second fight is an automatic expulsion from the league.
  • Any player receiving five (5) penalties in one game shall be given a game misconduct, which carries a one additional game suspension.
  • ALL major penalties carry an automatic game misconduct penalty. Any player who receives a game misconduct penalty receives an automatic one game suspension.
  • Any time a team receives 15 penalties in a game, the game is immediately stopped with the current score being recorded if the offending team is losing, or as a 6-1 loss if the offending team is winning or tied.
  • All penalties, minors, majors, misconducts and game misconducts count towards this 15 penalty count.
  • Minor penalties are 2 minutes, major penalties are 5 minutes and misconducts are 10 minutes.
  • Icing is from the center ice red line.
  • Any team that drops out of the league after the schedule is made will forfeit their deposit, and league fees.