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    Full Details for Policies & Procedures Listed in FSA Booklet: 
    2017-18 FSAcademy Booklet 

    Skating Fees

    All skating fees must be paid in full BEFORE going onto the ice. Skaters that have not paid for their ice will be removed until payment is provided. NSF Checks will result in a $25.00 fee and suspension from further participation in the program until fees are paid in full.

    Any outstanding balance from the FSA Instructional Classes, over skates on monthly ice packages or walk-on fees must be paid in full by the 1st of each month BEFORE a skater can purchase additional ice packages, walk-on session, participate in classes or any other FSA program or event. In the event a skater's fees are not paid in full, his or her skating privileges will be suspended until outstanding balances are paid.

    Monthly Ice Package Procedures

    Academy members may purchase monthly ice packages at the listed rates (see FSAcademy Booklet for full details.) Non-members may not purchase ice packages. Full payment is due at time of registration. Ice packages will expire on the last skating day of the month. There will be NO credits or make-up sessions issued for unused sessions. Unused sessions WILL NOT carry over into the next month's skating program. Academy members who are pre-registered for a monthly ice package may purchase additional sessions, within the pre-registered month, at a rate of $12.00/session. Skaters must adhere to the freestyle session schedule. Only immediate family members may share a monthly ice package. Monthly ice packages are not transferable and may not be sold or given to other skaters. All specialty classes and off-ice classes are additional fees and not included in the price of the monthly ice packages. One ice credit will be used for each 50/60 minute session skated.

    ISC Figure Skating Academy Members & Additional Family Members

    All family members who wish to share or purchase a monthly ice package must be members of the FS Academy (see Olympic Package exception in FSA Booklet.) Additional family members may join the RMU ISC Figure Skating Academy at a reduced rate of $75.00/additional family member, the first family member must pay full membership fee.

    Non-ISC Figure Skating Academy Members
    Non-members may participate in all figure skating programs and freestyle sessions at the designated non-member rate. NO EXCEPTIONS!


    All skaters are required to sign-in at the front desk or with the ice monitor. Skaters must indicate the number of sessions that they are skating upon signing-in and may only skate the appropriate number of paid sessions. Sessions are scheduled on a 50/60-minute basis. Skaters must follow the designated session times and leave the ice when their sessions are completed. Walk-on skaters, or skaters purchasing additional skating sessions, are required to present the ice monitor with a receipt and may only skate the number of sessions as indicated by the receipt. Skaters who skate any additional time will be charged on their ice package or the appropriate walk-on fee. All receipts and monthly ice package sheets will be kept in the Figure Skating Program binder. Sessions entered by the ice monitors MAY NOT be altered by anyone other than the ice monitors. If you have a concern about your ice package, please see the ice monitor to discuss any necessary changes.

    Half Sessions

    Half sessions are to accommodate skaters who are unable to attend two or more 50/60-minute skating sessions in succession due to traveling and school time constraints. Pre-registered skaters and walk-on skaters may skate a half session, but must skate at least one full session immediately prior to or following the half session. Pre-registered skaters will be permitted to use one ice package credit as two half-session credits. Any remaining half-session credits will not carry over to the next skating month. There are no refunds or credits for unused half sessions. Walk-on skaters are permitted to purchase half sessions when purchasing at least one full session. Walk-on rate is $7.00/half session; a half session is 30 minutes.


    There are no refunds, credits or make-up sessions given for unused, pre-paid sessions. In the event that RMU Island Sports Center must cancel the figure skating sessions, advanced notice will be given so skaters may schedule their ice sessions accordingly. Refunds for illness or injury will not be issued for the first week (5 days) off the ice. Extended absence due to illness or injury will receive a credit when request is accompanied by a doctor's note.

    Appropriate skating clothes are expected at all times. Mid-drift bearing outfits are not permitted during any RMU ISC figure skating session or class.

    The Daily Freestyle Schedule is subject to change due to RMU ISC events. Please check our website and/or FSA Academy bulletin board for the monthly freestyle schedule.

    RMU ISC reserves the right to amend the listed policies & procedures and ice session times.